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The YMCA's Before and After School Program serves school age children 5-12 years old in over 40 branch and school locations throughout Rochester, New York. The YMCA of Greater Rochester makes program excellence, enrichment, and your child's safety our priorities. Quality school age programs don't just happen; they are the result of careful curricular planning and creative efforts on the part of YMCA staff members. It takes comprehensive staff development to give personnel the knowledge to provide our quality programs. As providers, our goals are to deliver a positive and rewarding experience for every child and to exceed your family's expectations. Our licensed and registered child care programs proudly serve youth in multiple locations throughout Rochester, N.Y.

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What is 21st Century Learning?
You may have heard that 21st Century Learning is one of our nine, research-based core components for before and after school programs.  But what, exactly, are 21st Century skills?  These skills are part of the skills, knowledge, and expertise that youth must master to succeed in work and in life.  In addition to knowledge in core content areas including math, science, literacy, and history, students must also develop skills in the key areas of:

•             Critical thinking
•             Problem solving
•             Communication
•             Collaboration
•             Creativity
Skills in these areas will truly allow students to succeed in a global economy and be prepared to work in 21st Century teams and workplaces. Click here to read more about the importance of 21st Century skills.

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