Camp Eastside is now hiring for passionate, creative, mature and energetic staff to make a difference in the lives of the hundreds of campers we serve each summer. Our staff finish the summer with lifelong friends, memories and skills applicable in any field of work. If you feel you have what it takes to join our amazing summer team then check out our open summer positions.

Meet the Staff

Patrick Dugan, Day Camp Director
This will be Patrick's ninth year at Camp Eastside and tenth year as a camp director. He also runs various sports programs during the school year and has directed the Sports Camp at Camp Eastside for the last eight years. What Patrick enjoys most about camp is the feeling of satisfaction he gets knowing Camp Eastside creates the best possible camping experience for each and every camper. Patrick will work tirelessly to ensure your camper is in a safe and supportive environment. He will be sure the Camp Eastside counselors are dedicated to upholding the tradition of excellence that has been the hallmark of our camp since it's inception.

"It's very exciting and humbling to have the opportunity to create a very memorable experience for your camper this coming summer! I look forward to meeting you and your camper!"
Drew Sawyer Drew Sawyer, Sports Camp Director 

This will be my second year working at Eastside Sports Camp! I am truly excited to start camp and help create everlasting memories for these young individuals. My favorite times as a child were when I got to participate in amazingly fun sport and day camps. The Eastside camps provide a unique environment where each camper has the opportunity to find a sport, craft, or other activity that suites their interests. I have coached youth sports for over six years and played college basketball for four years. My focus as an associate and coach is to expose the youth to healthy activities that they can genuinely enjoy. I enjoy educating children on how to be successful through teamwork, healthy competition, and selflessness! I look forward to meeting you and your little one in the Eastside Family YMCA camps this summer!