Teen Leadership Programs

Counselor in Training (C.I.T)
Grades 10 and 11
This 8 week program (weeks 1-8) is about learning by doing. You will have opportunities to work directly with campers under mentorship of camp staff. You will get practice in leading groups and teaching games and skills. You will also get to create, plan and present your own special event for campers. The training provided in this program will help prepare participants for leadership roles in all walks of life, specifically those that involve the leadership of children.

Those who attend the CIT program should have a strong interest in learning great leadership skills and in learning how to be terrific leaders of children and not because they are seeking a specific position here in camp in the future. During the CIT program the CIT’s will be evaluated on their skills to become summer camp counselors. A few of those who show the necessary skills will be chosen to participate as volunteers in the last 2 weeks of summer.

Please email Erin Berns for a CIT application and to set up an interview.