Teen Leadership Programs

Leader In Training (LIT)
Entering grades 9 and 10 as of September 2015
This 4 week program will allow teens to learn the values of teamwork while enjoying several team building activities. Teens in the LIT program will have the opportunity to participate in several service learning projects that will leave a lasting impact on both Camp Northpoint and the local community. Teens in the LIT program will assist in delivering camp programming to younger campers while working closely with Camp Northpoint leadership staff. 

Counselor In Training (CIT)
Entering grades 10 and 11 as of September 2015
This 4 week program is hands on and intended to provide teens with the opportunity to learn the basic responsibilities of being a Camp Counselor while in an extremely supportive environment. The CIT program provides the perfect mix of experiential learning, leadership and fun, for a memorable summer. Specialty leadership workshops and teambuilding exercises including; collaboration, effective teamwork, public speaking, CPR and First Aid, and understanding stages of youth development are included within the program. 

The LIT and CIT programs will run in two 4 week sessions, weeks 1-4 and weeks 5-8. LIT and CIT program participants are encouraged to enroll for both sessions. Those who attend the LIT and  CIT programs should have a strong interest in learning great leadership skills and in learning how to be terrific leaders of children and not because they are seeking a specific position here in camp in the future. This is a highly selective limited enrollment program and most teens who become Camp Counselors at the age of 16 participate in the CIT program. Campers in grade 10 should complete the LIT program before enrolling in the CIT program. Individuals may be invited back to volunteer weeks 9 and 10 (this decision is based both on overall camp enrollment and performance within the CIT program). Interested CIT participants must complete a separate application, qualify for the program through a successful face to face interview and provide two positive, non family, references. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kelli Zambuto, Camp Director at 723-5489.