Greetings Gorham Alumni, Family, and friends !!
Gorham Trail Cutter & Camp Makers weekend – December 2013 update
Yet another great weekend in paradise last month – onward and upward !!
Our latest “Trail Cutters and Camp Makers” weekend was another success.  The focus was all outdoors and off the main campus.  The small group included the entire Will Connal clan, as well as Jake Shelton (who to this point has perfect attendance!).  The Thornton clan then did some clean-up work on the trail after the Rochester headed south on 12/28 on Sunday.  As always there was pre-weekend trail-blazing work from the “invisible commander”, John Kellas – but more on that later.
There are some famous or infamous historical landmarks across the lake from the ‘main campus’.  The goal for the December TC & CM work was to connect these landmarks on a contiguous trail.  The team was able to connect (in order): the old reservoir, the Moss Lake overlook, the “Five Brothers” boulder formation, and Balancing Rock.  For those who may not be familiar with some of these:

  • The old reservoir is a man-made stone dam that was to catch run-off from the ridge across the lake, and at one time we are told there was piping to get that water to camp
  • The Moss Lake overlook actually gives a great ‘aerial view’ of that area.  While you can see Moss lake from a number of spots on the ridge, this is a spot that has a clearing of trees and offers a great unobstructed view
  • The “Five Brothers” boulder formation is a set of large boulders that seem as though they were placed there – not quite Stonehenge but interesting nonetheless.  For those more mathematically challenged if you get there you might note that the ‘family’ is larger than 5 J, or possibly the family has grown (you may see as many as 9 in a wider area)
  • Balancing Rock may be the best known of these landmarks; it is a large rounded boulder on top of a buried rock that does in fact seem to be balancing
  • The “invisible commander” John Kellas flagged this trail in advance of the weekend though we had some problems connecting at some points.  Not his best work, we decided, but ultimately helpful
  • The Thornton clan was able to connect the last pieces after the Rochester crew left.  We will likely be using a color system for trail marking – meaning a different color marker will reflect the trail.  We’ll look to develop a map to be able to be used during the summer
  • Continued thanks to Greg Wysocki for all the time he spent prepping trail markers and getting supplies organized.

We are currently working on the 2014 TC & CM dates and will get that information out as soon as possible. 
Please contact Anne, Jackie, or me should you have any questions,
Larry Davis III

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