Greetings Gorham Alumni, Family, and friends !!
Gorham Trail Cutter & Camp Makers weekend – June 2014 update
Gorham Camp Makers & Trail Cutters 2014 – “Session 1”
The 2014 Camp Makers & Trail Cutters season kicked off with a great weekend of work.  The weather certainly cooperated, and we had a nice mix of alumni & staff undertaking a number of different tasks.  To begin, any productive weekend of work starts with great planning and set-up, so kudos to our Ranger Jon Brosemer and of course Executive Director Anne Thornton.  Jobs were ‘spec’d’ and ready to go, and we were able to divide and conquer to maximize the weekend results.  This session was very much focused on the main campus – not any planned trail work this weekend. 
So, what was on Anne and Jon’s “To Do” list ?
1) First and foremost, we focused on the new Staff Lounge.  This is on the other half of the barn adjacent to the Arts & Crafts area.  Last fall the space was cleaned out, base flooring was installed, and we fixed leaks in the roof as well as some other small issues.  So now the job was to get it ready to be used !!  Floors were painted, a private calling area was framed and painted, and some of the walls were painted.  The space has a very open but private feel, and is looking very fresh.  Some of the “artwork” was left on the walls but a number of the walls needed refreshing and got it.
Additionally, lockers were installed in the adjacent room to the lounge.  This will allow for more private, secure storage for our very dedicated staff team.  Finally, a new door was framed in to allow for a better staff-only entrance.  There are computers on one wall, and a couple of TVs.  Being responsible for kids is a constant challenge – it is our hope that this space will provide some much needed relaxation for the team !
Special thanks to camper alumni and current long time family camper George Komorwoski for his work on the floor painting, alumni staffer and current Gorham Board member Aaron Evans, and current second generation family camper Bill Connal for their work on the walls of this room.  Also, for Jake Shelton on his work with Jon Brosemer on the new door for the Staff lounge.
2) The camp store is now ready for business !!  Family campers Shelley Davis, SueAnn Wentworth, and Catherine Liebel spent the better part of the morning cleaning out the camp store and getting it set up for business !  There were tables and display cases to clean, shelves and compartments to organize, and hard-to-reach areas to get to.   A ton of elbow grease, lots of creativity, and serious organization skills have that store ready to meet the throngs of customers  this summer.  There is even an updated clothing display case at the Rec Hall for parents and campers to see at registration time, and create enthusiasm for a purchase !
3) Arts & Crafts – We finished the clean out of this regular hub of activity in the summer.  The focus here was having a central work area, with kids facing each other, and the “sides” of the shop for drying and finishing work.  Adjacent to main Arts & Crafts space is a newly created and organized storage area to help Gorham better comply with regulations associated with crafting materials.  There is a lot of open space in this area now, and it is just about ready for tie-dye, candle making, and all the other camp crafts.
4) A freshly painted backdrop for the stage in the Rec Hall, which will go nicely with the new screen and sound system that Jon and Nathan are installing.  That area will be ready for all sorts of talent (’talent’ is a broad term describing anyone willing to get on the stage), and it will once again work for movie nights !!
5) The sports equipment storage shed up on the Athletic field was already cleaned out, and is now re-stocked.  Jake Shelton and Aaron Evans took responsibility to refill it with assorted soccer balls, cones, Frisbees, lacrosse sticks, etc. – ready for kids to stop playing sports on their video games and getting them on the field playing real sports !  The Athletic field overall looks in great shape, and is ready to host a summer’s worth of activities.
6) Lest you think the weekend was all work, noted outdoorsman and long-time family camper Bill Connal caught several brook trout  down at the outlet.  He caught a total of seven between late Friday afternoon and late Saturday afternoon (he was able to get in an hour or so of fishing as we wrapped up the work on Saturday).  For those wondering – yes, he has his 2014 NYS fishing license, and yes he did catch and release.
7) Some other interesting items of note from the weekend:
        a) Aaron Evans (Utica) and George Komorowski (Rochester) both volunteered to take some of last year’s unclaimed lost & found to their respective Salvation Army locations so that those items can be re-used by someone in need
        b) The weather was outstanding, and we had a wonderful campfire Saturday night under an unbelievable sky filled with stars
        c) Jake Shelton continued his perfect attendance record for Camp Makers and Trail Cutters weekends, and he is now 5-5 between 2013 and 2014.  Not coincidentally, he is Gorham’s Volunteer Of The Year !!
        d) Those of you who were concerned about a shortage of black flies – no need to worry.  They were well-fed this past weekend, and seemed to be in great health overall, and in great numbers
        e) The Gorham Family camp community was well represented – Connal, Wentworth/Shelton, Komorowski
8) As we left early Sunday morning Jon Brosemer and Nathan  were moving couches into the Staff Lounge, as well as TVs.  Jackie and Shylee (Summer Equestrian Director) were getting ready to get the saddles out and get them ready for the weekend.
9) To help more Gorham family & friends attend these Camp Maker & Trail Cutter sessions, Anne and I will work on a Fall and Spring schedule.  It is harder to predict the work to be done on any given weekend, as that is dependent on numbers and skill sets.  Good news – there will never be a shortage of work !
Last, but not least, Gorham’s “Grand Entrance” project is actively being worked and it is hoped that it will be in place this summer.  Get your cameras ready – you will want to have your picture taken with our new entrance !!
Hey – when was the last time you were at Gorham ?!?!?!
From the porch of Laurel cabin,
Larry Davis
YMCA Camp Gorham Board of Management

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