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The Carlson MetroCenter YMCA exists to strengthen community. The Y isn't just the name on the building. We're a spirit, a movement, and a cause. Members join our athletic club because they believe in us - and the values we stand for. Our Y has proudly served the Rochester community since 1983.  Together with people like you, we nurture the potential of kids, help people understand and improve their health through weight and strength training, and provide opportunities to give back and support our neighbors. We hope that you decide to join us in our cause! 

Did you know that Carlson MetroCenter is the only YMCA in town that offers:

  • Racquetball courts and leagues
  • Towel and laundry services
  • Locker rental ($17 a month for a full locker, $14 a month for a half locker)
  • A steam room
  • Validation for indoor parking at the East End garage while you use the YMCA.  Garage is located right across the street. It keeps the snow off your car in the Winter and makes parking downtown convenient!
  • Great adult pick-up basketball games on Saturday afternoons



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Sign up for a membership today and receive a FREE:

  • Fitness assessment.
  • Consultation with a certified personal trainer.
  • Appointment with one of our Wellness Coaches, which demonstrates proper equipment usage and how to maximize your fitness routine.

 For more information, call 325-2880 or e-mail our Membership Director.