2015 Tentative Conference Schedule

2016 Delegate Conference Registration Form

2016 Advisor Conference Registration Form

2016 Code of Conduct

2015 Hotel Room Assignment Form

T-Shirt Order Form

State Conference Registration Information

Conference Absentee Form


Bill Format template, easier if all district or club bills are sent as one word document inserting a page break after each bill and make sure line numbers restart on each page.

Bill Ranking Rubric guidelines

Bill Ranking Form & Procedure

Memorandum of Support

Resource Credential

Statewide Leadership meeting calendar 15-16


Governor  Nomination Form

Lieutenant Governor Nomination Form

Chief Justice Nomination Form

Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Head Lobbyist Nomination Form

Attorney General Nomination Form

Public Defender Nomination Form

Editor-In-Chief Nomination Form


Fosdick / San Antonio Scholarship Application

Clement Duran HS Senior Scholarship Application

Cleveland E. Dodge Collegiate Advisor Scholarship Application

Advisor CONA Delegate Recognition Form

Optional Teen CONA Candidate Form

Premier Delegate Criteria


NYS Y&G Youth Leadership meeting schedule 2015-2016

Banned Bill Topic List 2015-2016

Delegate Survival Guide

2015-2016 NYS Youth and Government Advisor Handbook

Club Curriculum Guide, where you should be each week

Addendum to Curriculum Guide specific Benchmark Dates to help delegates meet program deadlines.

How To Write A Bill for delegates and advisors.

2013 Bill Book


New York State Constitution

Curriculum Guide

Judicial Curriculum Guide
Judicial Advisor Handbook
Judicial Program Synopsis
Example of expected brief submission