swim lessons and swim classes at the ymca 

Swim Lessons and Classes

The Y has been teaching people to swim for more than a century. Learning to swim at the Y is more than just stroke development. It is a child-centered approach, where kids learn through play, hands-on exercises, and creative repetition. Children are taught in small groups in a progressive approach that allows each child to proceed at their own pace. When your child has mastered one level, they are ready for the next. Each lesson encourages your child to feel good about themselves and what they have learned. 

The swim lessons and swim classes offered by the YMCA of Greater Rochester Aquatics Programs include parent-child and preschool classes, and swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. We also offer youth competitive swim team programs, as well as lifeguard, swim instructor, First Aid, and CPR training.


Swim Lessons

Unsure of what swim lessons to enroll your child in? CLICK HERE for a Parent's Guide to choosing the right lesson level. 
Child Parent Swim Lessons

Child and Parent Swim Classes

Designed for your youngest new swimmers, parents are involved and in the water for these classes that promote water enrichment, safety, and readiness. Classes emphasize exercise, parental education, safety, and fun! There must be a parent for each child in the water and infants must wear a swimming diaper. Learn more
Preschool Swim Lessons

Preschool Swim Lessons

These classes are for children ages 3-5 who are ready for a swim class without their parent. Classes are grouped by skill level and vary from beginners who wear flotation devises, to swimmers ready to learn to swim a length of a pool unassisted. Learn more
Youth Swim Lessons

Youth Swim Lessons

Our Youth Swim Lessons program teaches personal safety, personal growth, stroke development, water sports and games, and rescue skills. Classes are for children ages 6-12 years old and are grouped based on skill level. Learn more
Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Swim Lessons

One-on-one and group swim lessons are available for adults who are beginning to swim or want to improve their swim techniques. We also have Family Swim Lessons available to develop swimming skills and confidence in the water for the whole family. Learn more



Water Fitness

water fitness

Water Fitness Classes

Water fitness classes are a great way to get a fantastic, fun workout using the natural resistance of the water, while combining cardio-aerobic work and muscle toning exercises. We also offer Specialty Swim Classes including Personal Training, Triathlon Training, and Masters Swim programs. Learn more.


Competitive Swim Teams

competative swim teams

YMCA Swim Teams

The YMCA Competitive Swim Teams work on increasing cardiovascular fitness, stroke development, and training for competition under the direction of a swim coach. Swim teams are a great way to meet new people, learn and grow from a team environment, and master swim techniques. 


Lifeguard Certification Classes

Lifeguard training

Lifeguard Certification

The YMCA offers lifeguard certification classes throughout the year. Learn more