The YMCA’s Before and After School Program serves school age children 5-12 years old at Neil Armstrong Elementary (3273 Lyell Road), Florence Brasser Elementary (1000 Chili Coldwater Road), Paul Road Elementary (571 Paul Road), and Walt Disney Elementary (175 Coldwater Road) in the Gates Chili School District.

The YMCA of Greater Rochester makes program excellence, enrichment, and your child’s safety our priorities. As providers, our goals are to deliver a positive and rewarding experience for every child and to exceed your family’s expectations. Our licensed and registered child care programs proudly serve youth in multiple locations throughout Rochester, N.Y.

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Neil Armstrong Elementary
3273 Lyell Road
Rochester, NY 14606
1000 Chili Coldwater Road
Rochester, NY  14624
571 Paul Road
Rochester, NY  14624
175 Coldwater Road
Rochester, NY  14624