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Carlson swim lessons are now monthly

Carlson swim lessons are now monthly

We are constantly striving to improve the services and programs that we offer. The most recent improvements are being made to swim lessons.

We are now offering monthly swim lessons. This means that there is no longer the hassle of signing up every six to eight weeks or worrying about session start and end dates.

Lessons can begin and end at anytime.

Students will be able to develop stronger swimming and water confidence skills with no breaks between sessions. This will provide a smoother transition and lessen the likeliness of regression in skills.

If a student needs to take a break from classes, we only ask for 30 days notice. Then when it is time to start lessons again, they can simply pick up where they left off, without needing to wait for the start of a new session.

Instructors will still be keeping track of progress and providing parents and guardians with updated report cards every 8 weeks.

The fee for members will now be $26/monthly, and $67/monthly for nonmembers, for a group lesson every week.

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