Parking During Fringe Festival


September 10-21

During special event parking for the Fringe Festival, members will need a pre-paid parking pass to enter the East End Garage to avoid paying the $7 fee. The Carlson MetroCenter will provide these passes to our members to use while they access our facilities. Your pre-paid parking pass must be obtained from the Member Service Desk prior to entering the garage.

Special event parking will be enforced after 3 pm on weekdays and 10 am on weekends between Tuesday, September 10–Saturday, September 21.


  • Pre-paid parking passes are currently available at the Carlson Member Service Desk.
  • Members should come to the desk and request parking passes if they plan to park during the affected times (after 3 pm weekdays, after 10 am weekends from September 10-21).
  • Member Service Staff will collect some brief information and give you a bundle of three passes.
  • When you enter the garage during special event parking between September 10–21, you will use the pass to enter for free. You must have the pass at entry, or you will be required to pay the $7.00 fee. The passes are single use and will expire on 9/22/19.
  • If you use all your passes prior to the end of the festival, visit the member service desk to obtain an additional bundle.

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