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Located on the third floor of the Carlson MetroCenter YMCA, Teen City is a safe place for teens to come and hang out and enjoy themselves after a long day at school. We offer computers, pool table, gaming systems, and a safe place to socialize.

Day of the Week Activity Time
Monday Workout Time 2-6 pm
  Leaders Club 5-6 pm
  Makers Space Monday 6-7 pm
Tuesday Workout Time 2-6 pm
  Artsy Tuesday 6-7 pm
Wednesday Workout Time 2-6 pm
  Aquatics Club 4-5 pm
  Jewelry Making 6-7 pm
Thursday Venture Crew (STEM) 1-2 pm
  Leaders Club Volunteers 2-3 pm
  Workout Time 2-6 pm
  Girls Who Code 6-7 pm
Friday Piano Lessons
  Workout Time 2-6 pm
  Table Top Role Playing Game Design 5-6 pm
  Sci-Friday, Table Top Gaming 6-9 pm


Ages 10-18

Aquatics Club gives teens of all abilities a chance to practice their swimming skills with their peers. Teens can learn to swim, learn advanced swimming technique, or even become a certified lifeguard.


Ages 8-18

Participants will have a chance to work on an art or craft project that interests them while having the guidance our staff. We have a full range of artistic endeavors planned!


Ages 14-18

Teens will learn how to play the piano, sight read music, and perform a song of their choice. Students will have an opportunity to learn about music theory and find their own creative musical style. Any teen that chooses will also have an opportunity to perform in front of a live audience.


Girls Ages 13-18

Girls Who Code is a nationwide club program that is working to close the gender gap in the information technology career field. While the club focuses on girls, individuals of any gender can join; hopefully encouraging more girls to participate in a male dominated field. By completing different coding projects and lessons, participants will grow their technical skills and understanding while becoming confident to go after their futures.


Ages 10-18

Participants will be working with an award-winning silver smith to learn basic metal working, beading and jewelry design. Teens will be making their own jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces among other projects designed to challenge their creativity.


Ages 12-18

Leaders’ Club is a group of teens between the ages of 12 and 18 organized for the purpose of developing youth as leaders and fostering a culture of service. It is also organized for providing its members with knowledge and training that will help them to better serve others and to shape a healthy lifestyle themselves. Clubs are formed by students and club themes are driven by students and aided by Teen advisers.


Ages 8-18

With a focus on creating projects out of recycled materials, teens will be challenged to be creative and innovative in designing one of a kind projects.


Ages 10 and Up

Dive into the unique science fiction/fantasy world of the Y-verse through our table-top role-playing game, Esper Genesis. Attending teens would have the opportunity to not only play but to record and develop the story along with our experiences game masters with a possibility of creating an online portal or stream of the Friday night games.


Ages 10-18

TTRP is paired with our community gaming night, SciFriday. Teens will learn the basics of character, world and game designs through the Esper Genesis RPG (role playing game) System and will create their own unique adventure that will be presented during our own Y mini-convention towards the end of the year.


Ages 14-18

Working with the Boy Scouts, Venture Crew is a student-led program offered to ignite communications between academia, business, and thought through (STEM). Teens will research a project of their own interest while preparing a demo project for younger children at our mini-builder faire in March at Strong Museum!