The YMCA’s Before and After School Program serves school age children 5-12 years old at Briarwood School, Brookview School, Colebrook School, Iroquois School, Listwood School, Rogers Middle School, Seneca School, and Southlawn School in the Irondequoit School District.

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Before and After School Information Sheet

Contact: Before and After School Programs Division | 585-341-4010


Briarwood School (K-3)
215 Briarwood Drive
Rochester, NY 14617

Brookview School (K-3)
300 Brookview Drive
Rochester, NY 14617

Colebrook School (K-3)
210 Colebrook Drive
Rochester, NY 14617

Iroquois Middle School
150 Colebrook Drive
Rochester, NY 14617

Listwood School
325 List Avenue
Rochester, NY 14617

Rogers Middle School (4-6)
219 Northfield Drive
Rochester, NY 14617

Seneca School (K-3)
4143 St. Paul Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14617

Southlawn School (K-3)
455 Rawlinson Road
Rochester, NY 14617