Group Exercise Classes at the YMCA

Picking group exercise classes that suit your needs

The YMCA of Greater Rochester is proud to offer a variety of classes to fit everyone’s workout goals. From Yoga to BODYPUMP, Cardio Dance to SilverSneakers Splash, we have a class for you. And with your membership, you have access to classes across our association. We’ve broken down our current offerings, to help you learn more about what we offer and finding the right one that fits your goals.


Strength classes focus on building and toning muscle. Classes often use weights but it’s up to you to determine how heavy your weights are. You can also choose to not use weights at all and just use your body weight.

Strength Classes offered include:


Active Older Adult classes are perfect for those seeking low impact workouts to help keep their bodies moving. Props are often used in the class to help increase the workout but are not necessary for a complete workout. Stability tools are available for those who may need them.

Active Older Adult Classes offered:


Work up a sweat and raise that heart rate in one of our many cardio classes. Cardio classes focus on improving aerobic fitness, speed, and coordination. You can enjoy the variety of heart-pumping, calorie-burning workouts that our classes offer.

Cardio Classes offered:


Exercise is for more than just your body. Our MindBody classes give you the chance to workout your body and mind. These classes also help build strength, flexibility and help increase your range of motion.

MindBody Classes offered:


Take a dip into fitness! Water fitness classes at the Y provide low impact workouts that focus on using water resistance to help build strength, stamina, and mobility. You can also work on balance and coordination as well. Props can be used but are not required to get a full workout.

Want know what a class is like before you try it? Check out all of virtual options here.