The Written and Unwritten Rules of the Gym

The Ins and Outs of Gym Etiquette

As we enter the new year, we’re seeing a lot of new and familiar faces around our YMCAs. We know coming to the gym for the first time in a while, or ever, can be intimidating – so, we wanted to share some gym etiquette tips to help you and your fellow members have the best experience back at the Y.

  1. Re-rack your weights

To re-rack your weights means to put them away. Whether you’re using plates or free weights, they all have a designated spot. Weights are also racked in order from lightest to heaviest. Spots should be labeled by weight. Re-racking will ensure that the next user can easily locate the equipment they need and will keep the space looking nice.


  1. Always wipe down your equipment

Now more than ever it is important that we clean the equipment used before and after use. You will be able to find spray bottles and paper towels all around the Wellness Center to clean the equipment. This includes sanitizing any weights, benches, strength training equipment or cardio machines that you have used.


  1. Avoid cell phone use in the Wellness Center

We understand how important it is to have your cell phone with you. Whether you’re using it to track workouts or for music to fuel your exercises, cell phones have become an important part of many people’s workouts. We do ask that should you need to make a phone call, or you’re taking a break between sets, you use your cell phone outside of the wellness center.


  1. The Right of Way in the Wellness Center

There is no hierarchy in the Wellness Center, and everyone has the right to be here. Please be aware that if someone is moving through with weights, they should always have the right of way when moving through the Wellness Center. Make sure to give them space to pass so they can re-rack their weights.


  1. Supersets

If you are including supersets in your workout, please be sure to limit the amount of equipment that you’re using. If you are using a machine and free weights, you can bring the free weights to the machine, so you are in one area. Please avoid using multiple machines in a superset so other members can tell what is available.


  1. Circuits

Many machines in YMCA Wellness Centers are set up for circuit-style workouts. People using the circuits have the right of way on these machines. If you are doing multiple sets on one of the circuit machines, please allow those following the circuit to “play through” in between your sets.


We so excited to see so all of you back with us at the Y this new year and hope these helpful tips give you and your fellow members the best YMCA experience. As always, if you have any questions our Wellness Coaches are happy to help!