Signing up for Child Watch


You may be familiar with signing up for Group Exercise Classes, but it is a little different for Child Watch (and Family Swim only required at Eastside and Schottland on weekends). Advanced registration is required for each family member attending. So, you may need to register more than once.

Please note: Effective July 5, registration is no longer required for Family Time.


You will register for Child Watch the same way you register for class and lap swim, but just need to repeat the process for each family member.

    • To find where to register visit your local Y’s online schedule. You can access schedules through the  ‘Schedules’ tab on our website or the YMCA of Greater Rochester app.
    • Navigate to the program you are looking to register for.
    • Registration will open the day before. For example, if you are registering for Child Watch at 8:30 am Monday, registration will open at 12:01 am on Sunday.
    • To register your child(ren), you will actually register yourself. You will need to register yourself as many times as you have children.
      • For example, if Mary Smith is registering her two children for Child Watch, she will find the time she wants on the schedule, click the “Register” button and register herself. Once she completes the first registration, she will then go back to the schedule, find the time and register herself again. Now Mary’s two children have their spot saved for Child Watch.
      • For Family Swim at Eastside and Schottland Family YMCAs, you will also need to repeat the process again for yourself and any other adults attending.

We hope this information is helpful! If you have any additional questions please contact us.

Hours, Locations and Program Details

Child Watch hours, locations, and program details can be found here.

YMCA Policies & Procedures

Details on the YMCA of Greater Rochester’s reopening and new policies and procedures can be found here.

We appreciate your continued support.