Signing Up for Group Exercise Classes

What You Need to Know to Join a Class and Sign Up Lap Swim

Registration is now required for all Group Exercise Classes and Lap Swim. Registration will open the day before a class is offered. For example, if the class you are registering for is at 8 am Monday, registration will open at 12:01 am on Sunday.

If you need to utilize Child Watch, registration is also required, but a little different from below. You can learn more about Child Watch registration here.

Where to Register

Register for Group Exercise Classes and Lap Swim through ‘Schedules’ on the YMCA of Greater Rochester app or right here on our website.

To sign up using our app, select the “Schedule” tile in the top left corner. Or, to sign up using our website, click the “Schedule” tab at the top of the page and select your preferred branch.


Create Your Account

When registering for the first time, you will need to create a new account. This account is separate from your YMCA Membership account and is only used to register for Group Exercise Classes or personal training. We suggest using the same email and password as your YMCA Membership account.

Create your account by selecting the “Login | Register” option, or you will be prompted to log in or create an account during registration.


Register for Classes

After you have created your new account you can begin the registration process. PLEASE NOTE: registration will open the day before a class is offered.

If registration is open, you will see a blue “Register” button to the right of the class.

To register, select the “Register” button. A box will pop up, prompting you to hit “NEXT.” Once you have hit “NEXT,” you will be signed up for the class.

To see all the classes that you have signed up for,  select the icon that looks like an outline of a person, on mobile it will be 3 horizontal lines, then select “Schedule.”

Error Message

When attempting to register, if you receive the error message “The change you wanted was rejected” please follow the steps in this article to resolve the issue.

Cancel a Class

To cancel your spot in class you previously registered for, first, select “Login | Register” to access your account. Once in your account select the icon that looks like an outline of a person, on mobile it will be 3 vertical lines, then select “Schedule.”

To cancel select the “CANCEL” button next to the desired class. You can cancel a class for any reason up to one-hour prior to the start of class. If you do not plan on attending class, please cancel your spot so that another member may participate.