Them: “How about BODYFLOW at 6 am?”
Me: “…ok.”

Hello again! It’s me, Carly, back trying another class for the first time. I’m not a morning person. I have multiple alarms set and I hit the snooze several times. I leave myself just enough time in the morning to get ready between waking up and leaving the house.

And I showed up to a new class that starts at 6 am. Talk about getting out of my comfort zone!

Kelly, the instructor, is one of the few people on Planet Earth who I enjoy listening to that early. She has this calm demeanor that’s so rare to find. Everyone in the class seemed to be on the same page – we smile and acknowledge each other, but we are respectful of each other’s bubbles. Just right.

I must admit, it feels amazing getting to stretch like this in the morning. I always say to myself that I’ll get up and do a yoga practice at home, but it just doesn’t work for my daily routine. Getting to a class is the only way I’ll actually get to do it. Plus, it’s truly a workout! I was not expecting to sweat so much! At such an early hour!

I can’t say I was a peach to be around for the rest of the day – even after a large coffee and a delicious breakfast – but I can say that it was honestly an invigorating class with a delightful mix of stretching, balance and strength work. I’d recommend to anyone looking to mix up their workout (at any time of day)!

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