What is a Junior Membership?

We want you to know what is available with a Junior Membership. These memberships are available for any individual age 0-18. Read below to find out what is available for different ages.

Junior Members Ages 0-12

Junior members Ages 0-12 years have access to youth sports and group swim lessons, and discounts on Summer Camp and Before and After School Programs.

Junior members ages 0-12 always need an adult (18+) with them. The adult does not need to be a member if the Junior member is attending a program like youth sports or swim lessons. However, the adult must be a member if the Junior member is going to use the facility (pool, gyms, etc.).

Junior members ages 0-12 do not have access to the Wellness Center or group exercise studios unless there are specific family programs taking place, and then must be accompanied by an adult member.

Junior Members Ages 13-18

Junior members Ages 13-18 years have unsupervised access to gyms, Wellness Centers, group exercise classes, pools (details below), and discounted summer camp programs.

Junior Member Pool Use

  • Ages 5 or younger need to have an adult member with them in the water.
  • Ages 6-8 years need to have an adult member on the pool deck or in the water.
  • Ages 9-12 years need to have an adult member in the facility.
  • Ages 13 or older may use the pool/Splash Pad unsupervised.
  • Ages 15 or younger must pass the deep end test in order to utilize the deep end of the pool. Learn more about the deep end test in the Swimming section here.


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