Hamster Race 2019

When is the Hamster Race?

Friday, January 25

6:00-8:00pm in the Main Gymnasium

What is the Hamster Race?

The Hamster Race is a fundraising event for the Eastside YMCA Teen Leaders. There are plenty of free and fun activities for the entire family to do while the hamster races are taking place including, crafts, inflatable, and more!

Join a 50/50 raffle and bet on the fastest furball!

Pizza and other refreshments will be available for purchase.

To race your own hamster, pick up a registration form at the front desk. (Hamster owners pay no admission, and all hamsters are guaranteed two races.) 


$2 per person

$10 maximum per family

Questions? Contact Jennifer Houle at jenniferh@rochesterymca.org