Small Group Personal Training

Are you looking to train in a specific specialty? Do you want to connect with others looking for the same kind of training as you?


We have your solution! Eastside’s Small Group Personal Training provides flexibility in your schedule while you train in the area of interest you’re looking for. $160 gets you an 8-week session, 2 classes per week. Sessions begin the week of January 14. With each session of training, you also receive a FREE 1 hour group nutrition consult from our Registered Dietitian as well as a dry-fit t-shirt, water bottle, and Y logo sticker! Choose from our 4 specialties with a professional personal trainer and get to work!



Schedule & Registration:

*All trainers are Certified Personal Trainers.

specialty descriptions:

  • Fit Fusion – Mix up your routine with this fusion workout using a variety of cardio and strength movements!
  • Kickboxing/Combat – A combination of kickboxing and combat style strength and conditioning for a full body training experience. There are modifications and progressions for all fitness levels.
  • Functional Fitness For All – This program is geared toward a lifestyle change approach to fitness. If you are new to the gym or just getting back into the swing of things this small group is for you.
  • Women’s Strength– We will work together to address the specific wellness needs as women. Together we will build full body strength and endurance, work on form needed to live our best daily lives, increase pelvic floor strength and discuss the specific nutritional needs of women. This is a beginner level wellness group for all ages levels.
  • Triple S: Athlete Training – Strength, Skill, and Speed- is a fun-style fitness training program designed for tweens and teens looking to kick start or continue their fitness goals. The program combines strength training and cardio endurance in a challenging and fun way.


Mike Avery, Sr. Director of Health & Wellness, at 341-3041.

Christine Walker, Wellness Coordinator, at 341-3082.