Enjoy free Wi-Fi access throughout our facility. Choose “YMCA” under the available networks to get started!



Why did all Y locations need to undergo a WiFi upgrade?  
To better serve the technological needs of our Members and Guests.

What does WiFi stand for?
WiFi is a technology or service that allows any wireless capable device to connect to the internet or exchange data on any given network.

How will this upgrade help me?
The WiFi upgrade will allow you to easily access the internet and mobile apps on the Y’s network instead of using data on your personal cell phone plan.

What should I do if I am having trouble connecting?
If you’re having trouble connecting, be sure to remove any saved connections to the Y wireless network and restart your device. Once your device is restarted, retry adding the Y wireless network. If you continue to have issues with connecting to the Y network, please report the problem to the front desk. A Member Service Representative will get you in touch with someone that can be of further assistance.

Will I be able to connect to live streaming sites and social media sites (Netflix, Pandora, Facebook)? Are those sites blocked?
Yes, you will be able to connect to certain  live streaming and social media sites. Facebook, Netflix and Pandora are not currently blocked. We only block sites that are deemed inappropriate per the YMCA internet usage policy.

Is there any way to prevent my child from visiting inappropriate sites?
The Y blocks all sites that are deemed inappropriate per the YMCA internet usage policy. If for some reason you encounter an inappropriate site, please report it immediately to the front desk staff at your neighborhood YMCA.

*Please remember that New York State law prohibits the use of electronic devices such as phones and cameras in the locker rooms.