See the Impact of Donating to the Y

Workout buddies. Best friends. Brothers.

Marc and Juan share a special bond, and Maplewood Family YMCA is important to them both.

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Meeting your best friend at the Y

You never know who you’re going to meet at the Y… it very well could be your best friend! Just ask Dominic and Owen.

We’re a Family at the Thurston Road YMCA Neighborhood Center

Our Thurston Road YMCA Neighborhood Center has a dedicated group of women that come every Monday, Wednesday, Friday to exercise together. Their instructor put together a special class for them that we were able to capture with this short video!

Hinge Neighbors Lewis St Equity Center Mural

Conduit for voice of community invested in the neighborhood, be proud of where you are and where you live, believe and invest in the strength of Lewis St, community coming together.

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