City Waves 2018-2019 Swim Season

The Maplewood City Waves is a competitive swim team for kids of all ages. Joining the Waves gives your child the opportunity to master individual stroke techniques and skills. Our swim team builds self-discipline, self-respect, team pride, and teaches good sportsmanship. Being a part of the team will help your child become more comfortable with competition and build friendships that last a lifetime. Click here for our Swim Practice Schedule.

We participate in approximately 8 regular season swim meets, our away meets take place in various locations in and around Rochester. Transportation to and from meets is up to the family.


Builds self-esteem, physical fitness, muscular strength & endurance, positive social interaction, improves cognitive functioning, increases kinesthetic awareness, promotes safety skills, cooperation, sprit of competition, the YMCA core values.

  • Cool Swim Team Suits
  • T – Shirt and cap
  • Travel to exciting new pools
  • Dynamic, hip and knowledgeable coaching staff … and, better yet … IT’S FUN


Must be able to swim the length of the pool on your front and back, and tread water for one minute.


Meg Switzer
Aquatics Director
Maplewood YMCA, 25 Driving Park Avenue, Rochester  14613
Phone: 585.277.1659

State Swim Meet

  • Ciaran, who placed 7th in the 200 IM and 4th in the 50 breast.
  • Erin, who placed 5th in the 50 free, 14th in the 50 back, and 9th in the 100 free.
  • Sean, who placed 18th in the 50 free, 21st in the 50 back, and 19th in the 100 free.
  • Jack, who placed 7th in the 50 free, 18th in the 100 back, and 14th in the 100 free.
  • Robin and Eli both placed 23rd in the 50 back.
  • Taylor, who placed 13th in the 200 free, 16th in the 50 back, and 15th in the 100 free.
  • Darrell, who placed 14th in the 25 back, 15th in the 25 free, and 16th in the 25 fly.
  • Nathaniel, who placed 18th in the 100 free, and 15th in the 25 breast.
  • Stephen, who placed 19th in the 25 breast, and 21st in the 25 fly.
  • Landon, who placed 8th in the 25 breast.
  • Stephen, Landon, Darrell and Nathaniel took 6th place in the Medley Relay.
  • Kyle, who placed 22nd in the 100 IM, 13th in the 50 back, and 16th in the 50 breast.
  • Henry, who was our biggest loser at this meet with a total loss of 13.91 seconds, took 15th in the 100 IM, 23rd in the 50 free, and 6th in the 50 fly.
  • Grace, who got 3rd in 50 free, 2nd in the 100 free, and 1st place in the 25 fly!