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Leaders Club

Leaders Club is a unique program designed to help teens develop their personal values through community service, leadership, and teambuilding. Teens can participate in fundraising, volunteering, social activities, event planning, teen nights, and overnights. Leaders Clubs are held at YMCA’s across the country and our members will have opportunities to meet club members from across the Northeast region at weekend Teen Rallies and summer Leaders School. Don’t miss out! For grades 7-12.

Free for YMCA Members. Meets at the Monroe Y Teen City. Contact Alison Gadino at 271-5320 for more information on joining Leaders Club.

School Year Hours: Every Monday, 4:00-5:00pm


Top 10 Reasons to Join:

  1. Develop real life skills
  2. Participate in project planning and organization
  3. Complete community service hours
  4. Work on creating and achieving goals
  5. Emphasis on educational success
  6. Helps you stand out on college applications
  7. Meeting teens from different states
  8. Opportunity to travel
  9. Make friendships to last a lifetime
  10. Have fun!