Garden Workshops


Every Wednesday in August
10 am-Noon
Kay’s Garden
Free to attend


August 7Learn about Soil Inoculations
Soil biology plays an important part in crop production. Soil inoculates can promote plan growth and suppress plant pathogens or both. Visit our yellow bush bean test beds at the Northwest Garden.

August 14: Jar Soil Testing
You will learn to test the structure of your soil and its composition at home. Knowing your soil’s composition will help you determine what plants and vegetables will thrive in your garden.

August 21Hügelkultur Style Raised Bed Gardening
A horticultural technique where a raised bed is constructed from layers of wood debris and other organic material. This technique helps to improve soil fertility, water retention and season extension. We are excited to bring raised bed gardening to the Northwest Family YMCA this fall.

August 28Okra Cooking Tutorial
Join us to learn how to prepare and enjoy different recipes using Okra. Take this time to learn how to enjoy a new food.

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