Whether you miss “suiting up” or are new to sports, the Y’s sports leagues and pick up games provide perfect opportunities to be active, social, and reconnect with a sport you love.


Adult Basic Defense Sampler

Adult Judo

The Centurion Judo Club’s classes are progressive and designed with a non-competitive focus. We strive to teach the fundamentals of each technique while still maintaining the fun-spirited environment.

Adult Karate

Classes follow the same format as the younger counterparts with more sophisticated self defense and Aiki-Jujustu introduced. Proper stretching and breathing methods are also stressed.


Basketball is designed to provide children with the opportunity to engage in a pre-competitive, instructional games program that teaches the basic basketball skills of dribbling, passing, defense, and rules of the game.

Floor Hockey

Golf League and Lessons

Intro to Archery


Pickelball is a combination of tennis and badminton that is played by hitting whiffle balls with light-weight wooden paddles. Played on a badminton court with 3-foot high net. Popular with seniors because of the smaller court.

Racquetball League