Through Day Camp, Camp Cory has been able to reach out into the Penn Yann community and address a critical need for dynamic, safe, accessible, and affordable quality care for children during the summer months. Without this, many parents would be faced with challenges to pursue their own education and full employment.

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The YMCA Camp Cory Centennial Master Plan has been created to serve more by renovating and expanding our facilities to ensure service continues for another 100 years. With the recent acquisition of an additional 7 acres adjacent to the existing property, Camp Cory is an unprecedented positioned for significant growth.

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Opportunities For a Better Life

Every day Kingston and Richland are dropped off at the YMCA for childcare. Every day, through the YMCA’s world-class early childhood development programming, Kingston and Richland are exposed to learning opportunities, unique experiences, and fun in a safe and nurturing environment. And every day, their parents, Carly and George, are following their dreams thanks to the YMCA.

At the YMCA, early childhood development focuses on the whole child, including education, health and wellness, and social emotional growth. Kingston and Richland are thriving as they build the foundation of their future academic careers, learn important skills like swimming, and forge new friendships.

In today’s society, affordable childcare is often a barrier for parents working or going to school. Thanks to the YMCA, Kingston and Richland’s parents are accomplishing their career and academic goals. Creating opportunities for a better life, and providing safe spaces for children, where they can learn, grow, and thrive are hallmarks of the YMCA and imperatives of the Strengthening Communities Campaign.

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Access for All

When Tiffany enters the YMCA, it’s as though members and staff are seeing an old friend for the first time in years. There are warm “hellos”, friendly exchanges, and always hugs. Born with Spina Bifida, it’s at the YMCA where Tiffany feels accepted, needed, and appreciated.

With fierce determination, Tiffany can most often be found in the Wellness Center, moving from her mobility device to a weightlifting machine, where she is focusing on building upper body strength. If not lifting weights, she can be found working with an aquatics instructor in the pool, where Tiffany says she feel free. Inspiration abounds when Tiffany walks in the water. In a world where opportunities are often limited for Tiffany, through financial assistance, and a caring and committed community, she thrives at the YMCA.

Creating spaces with access for all is a hallmark of the YMCA and an imperative of the Strengthening Communities Campaign

Let your story be a part of their story, give today! Give
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