Health, Well-Being and Fitness

Attention Members!

To better serve YMCA members and program participants regarding their safety in exercise activities, all members and participants will be given a “Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire” at the time of registration. This form asks questions regarding the major health risks associated with exercise, as identified by the American College of Sports Medicine, and recommends seeking medical advice prior to beginning a program. The YMCA recommends consultation with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program.

All Wellness Center Staff hold CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications.


The YMCA’s Wellness Program to help you set and achieve your goals
Program includes:
• Set attainable short-term and long-term wellness goals
• Personalized physical activity plan designed just for you
• Ongoing support by expert Y Wellness Coaches
• Record, log and chart your progress on MobileFiT, The smartest app on the planet.
Getting started has never been easier…
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A YMCA Fitness Orientation is a great option for already active exercisers. The Y provides this FREE orientation for members to empower themselves to create or further develop their personal health and wellness goals. No matter what mode of exercise; fitness equipment, group-based programming (land and water) or specialized training, our Wellness Coaches can collaborate with you to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Introduction to MobileFiT technology; record, log and chart your progress.
Make your appointment today at the welcome center.


An assessment of your current fitness level that
includes cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, flexibility, resting heart rate and blood pressure. Assessments are performed by a certified MCA Fitness Specialist and take approximately 60 minutes. Registration required. By appointment only.

Fees: $40


An assessment of your current lean body
mass versus fat mass to give you a total body composition profile. Assessments are performed by a certified YMCA Fitness Specialist and take approximately 15 minutes. Registration required. Please register at the Welcome Center. By appointment only.

Fees: $25

Foundations Of Strength Training – Teen

Start your healthy lifestyle journey by learning safe and effective strength training techniques. This program will improve your overall physical fitness by increasing cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. With guidance from a wellness coach or personal trainer, participants will learn how to navigate through the wellness center with proper form and etiquette. Participants leave with the confidence and knowledge to create fun and effective workouts to reach their health and fitness goals.

Age requirement: 12-15
Fees: YMCA Members FREE

Family Cardio Time In The Wellness Center

A time for families to work out together in the Wellness Center. Come as a family with your children ages 8+ and use selected cardio equipment (espresso bikes & treadmills) in our Wellness Center. A parent or guardian must closely supervise children at all times.


We offer a wide variety of options to meet all needs and interests.  Whether you need one-on-one attention, or are looking to workout with a small group, we have the experience and professionals needed to help you reach your goals.

Intro to Personal Training

New to personal training? This special offer to first timers includes a consultation and three personal training sessions. One of our certified personal trainers will provide you with an individual plan that’s on track with your wellness goals.

Fees: $120

Personal Training

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced exerciser, our certified Personal Trainers will design an individual program and motivate you to achieve your individual fitness goals.

Core Personal Training

  • Initial Consultation
  • Program/Workout Plan Design based on client’s goals and needs
  • Certified Trainers

Elite Personal Training

  • Initial Consultation
  • Fitness Assessment and Profile
  • Nutrition and Health Coaching
  • Trainers w/Experience and advanced degree/certification




1-9 Sessions

10+ Sessions
30 Minute Sessions
Monthly Payments
Core $45 $40 $25 $320
Elite $65 $60 $35 $480

Buddy Training

  • Work out with a friend and a YMCA Personal Trainer
  • Get a tailored plan to stay motivated and reach your shared fitness and wellness goals
  • Best for friends with similar goals, exercise interests and fitness levels



1-9 Sessions

10+ Sessions
Monthly Payments
$30/person $25/person $200/person


Have fun while working out with your own personal trainer! Exciting and challenging cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training exercises that help to increase balance, coordination, focus and functional strength.

Four- 1 hr. sessions
Age Requirement: 12-18 years old
Fees: YMCA Members $160


This special price offering gives you 5 personal training sessions with a certified personal trainer and a one-hour session with a registered dietitian. According to the CDC, “The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy life isn’t about short-term dietary changes. It’s about a lifestyle that includes healthy eating and regular physical activity.” Get started making healthy changes today.
Fees: $210

Dietitian One On One

Assess and correct daily diet and eating habits. Our registered dietitian will assist you in developing your own personal nutritional plan and help you achieve your individual goals. By appointment only.



1-9 Sessions

10+ Sessions

Monthly Payments
$55 $50 $200- 4 sessions
$400- 8 sessions

Yoga/ Pilates One On One

Yoga: Our Yoga instructor will guide you through a holistic approach toward exercise helping you to build strength, enhance flexibility, and relax the body and mind. By appointment only.

Pilates: You will be working with one of our certified instructors. You will learn to integrate core muscles to support the natural alignment of the spine and strengthen muscles. By appointment only.



1-9 Sessions

10+ Sessions

Monthly Payments
$55 $50 $200- 4 sessions
$400- 8 sessions


Looking for a fun, new way to get personalized results while enjoying the company of others working towards their own fitness goals? Small group training will allow you to set your own goals and increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility. Session based.

Fees: $160-8 weeks/2x per week


  • November 5-January 11
  • January 14-March 8
  • March 18-May 10

FiT Fusion

Mix up your routine with this fusion workout using a variety of cardio and strength movements!


Strength, Skill, and Strength- is a fun-style fitness training program designed for tweens and teens looking to kick start or continue their fitness goals. The program combines strength training and cardio endurance in a challenging and fun way


This program is geared toward a lifestyle change approach to fitness. If you are new to the gym or just getting back into the swing of things this small group is for you


Learn to feel comfortable and at ease while using the free weight room equipment to shape and tone your body. Have fun and meet new people while learning about all the options available to you.


A combination of kickboxing and combat style strength and conditioning for a full body training experience. There are modifications and progressions for all fitness levels.

ASL Fitness

This 8 Week program is for any fitness enthusiasts who are deaf, or ASL proficient seeking to take their fitness to the next level. Interested non-signers welcome as well! Work with your fellow classmates in this fun, circuit format to learn functional exercises to build cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance.


Bay View, Eastside, Southeast only
Formulated by a world-class development team and delivered by highly-skilled, motivating coaches, LES MILLS GRIT will train your body harder than ever before, creating an athletic and powerful physique. During this 30-minute workout, set in a team environment, you’ll have a great time with the people around you, be supported as you progress, and enjoy the mental and physical benefits that only high intensity training offers. Fees: $65- monthly