A Look Inside: Gymnasiums and Indoor Track

A Look Inside: Gymnasiums and Track

There will be four gymnasiums at the Schottland Family YMCA, that members will be able to use for a variety of reasons and programming.

The largest of will be the Main Gymnasium.  It will really be the heart of recreational sports. It has the capability of becoming:

  • Full-size basketball court
  • Two half courts
  • Four pickle ball courts

The Tom and Ebets Judson Gymnasium will be the place for fitness and family, and accessible to all members. Along with having physical activities, we will also be hosting family movies nights in this space.

There will also be a Turf Gym in the branch. The floor will be made of turf, making it a great space for sports to be played indoor all year round with  inflatable soccer surroundings that can easily be put up. You’ll also be able to use the sports simulator where you can practice your golf swing, or play dodge ball. And lastly, this space is where you fill find an Olympic lifting station.

Circling all three of these gymnasiums from above is the indoor track. It will be one of the largest in the region. It will take you ten laps around to complete one mile.