Meet Diane Dudley — a Southeast YMCA volunteer.

After retiring from 41 years of teaching, Diane was encouraged by family members to volunteer at the YMCA. She decided to help out in the 2-year-old room one morning a week. “It’s an absolute perfect fit,” said Diane. “I can’t say enough about the warm and caring people I work with. And it’s great when the kids run up and wrap their arms around my legs.”

Diane says the Southeast YMCA found the perfect spot for her. She never realized what a difference it would make in her life. “I’ve fallen in love with those children. Volunteering has brought such joy to my life.”

Every day, volunteering for the YMCA of Greater Rochester makes a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families in our community. In what ways has volunteering for the YMCA of Greater Rochester’s programs or events positively impacted you or your family?


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