Final day of Southeast Family YMCA is September 15.

Schottland Family YMCA opens September 30.

Fit Fusion

Fit Fusion brings together a variety of cardio and functional movements, with and without weight equipment, for a stronger and healthier you.


This program will emphasize strength work, core work, mobility, endurance, and conditioning. Class size is limited to 3-5 people, so you get personalized training in a small group.


First you’ll warm up, then move into 20-30 minutes of skills/strength-building work. After that, there will be targeted conditioning, followed by a mobility/core routine.

The program is universally scalable to all ages and fitness levels.

-Better mobility

-More strength

-Most effective use of kettle bells, rowing machines, bikes and more

-Best ways to do squats, pull-ups, push-ups, presses, cleans, dead lifts



$160 for an 8-week session/meeting 2 times each week



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Questions? Call the Southeast YMCA at 585-385-4665.