Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Keeping kids safer around water this summer


The Southeast YMCA offers progressive, tiered swim lessons for kids and adults of all ages, including preschoolers.


The benefits of learning to swim:


For Safety   For Confidence   For Fun   For Health   FOR LIFE


YMCA swim lessons are taught year-round. We are proud of our low student-to-instructor ratio.


Swim instructors are caring individuals and trained to work with children, especially preschoolers. Certified lifeguards are always on the pool deck during swim lessons. Parents are welcome to watch.


The YMCA uses class levels to ensure your child is placed according to his/her ability. Children are evaluated at the beginning of each session and placed in the appropriate level based on demonstrated ability.


Older children should be able to work with an instructor and participate in swim lessons independently and willingly.


For more information, visit our Swim Lessons Page, or contact Megan Foster, Aquatics Director, at 585-341-3238 or Megan.Foster@RochesterYMCA.org.