Volunteer FAQ

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Minimum age of 15 (with valid working papers) unless otherwise connected with a YMCA Service Programs.


What is Available for teens? 

Some branches offer Junior Leaders programs for Grades 6-8 (school-year based) as well as Volunteer Internship Programs for ages 12-15 (summer-based).  Leaders Club, which runs during the school year, is a specially designed club for youth aged 12 – 18 years.


What volunteer options are available? 

There are three different kinds of volunteers:

  • Board Members: Must be nominated. Contact your local branch for details.
  • Program Volunteers: Assist with programs based on an 8-week session or a league schedule. Examples of opportunities might be assisting with a soccer class or reading to preschool students.
  • Event Volunteers: Sign up for annual events offered to benefit our Annual Campaign. There may be a need for volunteers in concessions, parking, crafts, road guards and more


How do I get started? 

Download a Volunteer Application. Once complete, send it to the Branch where you’d like to start volunteering.  They will contact you once they have completed your reference checks.  After speaking with the Branch representative, you will have to complete a background check as well as review our Volunteer Handbook and sign off on a receipt of the same.


Do you complete any reference checks or background checks? 

Yes, every applicant will have two reference checks completed as well as a background check.  If you are applying for a School Age Child Care volunteer opportunity, you will need to be fingerprinted and supply medical documentation.


Do I get a free membership to the YMCA? 

The YMCA does not offer free memberships to volunteers. However, there are many benefits volunteers receive such as free event t-shirts, food, and many special offers during National Volunteer Week.


I need to fulfill community service hours for high school/college.  Can I complete them at the YMCA? 

Yes, you can! Some students start as early as they can to get a head start on a large number of assigned hours.  We’ve had students complete as many as 150 hours.  We also have students that just need 10 hours for a certain class.  In any event, the process is still the same.  Please allow time for your application to be processed.  Plan ahead!


I need to complete court appointed community service hours. Can I complete them at the YMCA? 

All applicants will be provided the opportunity to apply to complete court ordered community service for the YMCA. Individuals may be determined to be ineligible based on certain criteria.  This decision will not be made with any regard to gender, race, religion, or any other factors that may be found discriminatory by the EEOC. For specific details, please contact the volunteer coordinator at your local branch.


Does the YMCA offer training? 

There are certain volunteer assignments that benefit from YMCA provided training.  If the YMCA deems that training is required for a specific assignment, the training will be provided to you.


What should I wear? 

Professional appearance is essential to a favorable impression for members and staff.  Some basic essentials of appropriate dress include the wearing of socks and shoes. Clothing should be neat and clean. Volunteers should avoid wearing tight or short pants, tank tops, halter-tops or any extreme in dress, accessory, fragrances or hair.  Clothing with inappropriate slogans are prohibited.  You must wear a volunteer shirt assigned to you by the branch volunteer coordinator.  Some events assignments may require you to wear additional safety items such as parking vests. Volunteers are encouraged to dress up for fun, themed events.