Parking Spot and Locker Auction


October 3-22
Westside Family YMCA Lobby

Never search for the perfect parking spot or locker again! The Westside YMCA is auctioning off a reserved parking spot and locker to the highest bidders. Proceeds go to benefit the Westside Family YMCA Annual Campaign for Financial Assistance.

What you win:

Your choice of locker! Winners will have use of their locker for one full year (November 1, 2019-October 31, 2020). Winners of the locker will be able to keep a lock on their locker overnight for the full year.

How to bid:

Place your bids in the Westside Family YMCA Lobby.
Starting bid for the locker starts at $50, and will increase in increments of $50.

Winners will be notified on the evening of October 17.

Contact us for more information