My Y Story: Tom’s Reason to Volunteer

My Y Story: Tom’s Reason to Volunteer

Serving on the Board of Directors at the Westside Family Y Has Changed His Life

Tom Zubert has been a member of the Westside Family YMCA Board of Directors for a decade. He knows there are many different organizations that help the community, but believes in none as much as the Y.

“There’s a great sense of accomplishment knowing that somehow, someway you’ve had a positive effect on someone else’s life,” he said.

As a member of the board, Tom volunteers his time to help ensure the success of the branch.

“When you hear our young people tell their story of what, we as Board members and staff, have done to positively impact their lives you can’t help feeling proud of what you have been a part of.”

Our Board of Management helps to provide leadership, advice and counsel to ensure that the branch is meeting community needs, and has the financial resources to implement programs that build strong kids, families and communities.

Be like Tom

We are currently looking for more people dedicated to improving our community like Tom. Volunteerism is a key component to any successful branch, and our board members play a big role in setting the tone.

“I can honestly say that being involved with the Y for over a decade has made me more successful and grateful that I could have ever imagined,” said Tom.

If you have a love of volunteering, and a passion for your community, consider joining our board. Please contact Rob Gilchrist, Westside YMCA Executive Director, to learn more about how you can serve our community.