Youth karate is a co-ed sports program for boys and girls ages 6-12 years old. This class helps children develop fundamental skills and incorporates teamwork through instructional play. Whether it’s gaining the confidence that comes from learning to play or building the positive relationships that lead to good sportsmanship and teamwork, participation in sports at the Y is focused on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.


Bay View – 1209 Bay Road (Webster)
Eastside – 1835 Fairport Nine Mile Point Road (Penfield)
Northwest – 730 Long Pond Road (Greece)
Southeast – 111 East Jefferson Road (Pittsford)


The Y offers ongoing, year-round classes in karate and tae kwon do for people of all ages. Training is as much mental as it is physical and stresses development of the whole person. Students advance through a progressive series of classes while building skills proficiency. Tournaments and public demonstrations broaden the experience for everyone in this family-oriented environment, and serious students progress from beginner through black belt ranks.


Basic Martial Arts

Children’s lessons (age 5 and up) focus on building respect, discipline, confidence, teamwork, and citizenship through karate. Early preparation for youngsters can be started at age 5-6. Rudimentary karate skills are introduced by age 7. Students receive increasingly greater challenges throughout the sequence, along with accompanying classroom etiquette and rank progression. Pre-beginner karate preparation combines games and age-appropriate karate instruction, fostering self-discipline, listening skills, and respect for others.


The Centurion Judo Club’s classes are progressive and designed with a non-competitive focus. We strive to teach the fundamentals of each technique while still maintaining the fun-spirited environment.


For those who are brand new to karate. Expose your child to the positive influence of martial arts training with an experienced instructor. This program combines karate instruction with self-discipline, listening skills, and respect for others.


This has many different levels and nothing for general/beginner class: Basic arm and leg movements are practiced while learning the first kata (individual practice routine) to lay a good foundation for continued training. Students must unfailingly know their left from right. Instructor will determine each child’s readiness for moving on to the Novice level.

Teen/Adult Advanced Karate

Shotokan Karate combines good physical exercise with mental discipline for all experience levels. Many aspects of karate are challenging and require personal dedication, but new students can gain benefits right away. Training consists of basic movements, traditional individual workouts (kata), and practice with partners in defensive tactics, including sparring.

Teen/Adult Basic Martial Arts Defenses

This continuous, year-round training complements our regular karate sequence with standard defenses that are common to many traditional martial arts. Topics include break-falling, fundamental take-downs, grab releases, some pressure points and joint locks, and introductory defenses against typical street weapons. Non-karate students may participate if in good physical condition, well coordinated and willing to follow instructions exactly as demonstrated during high-impact drills with partners on a matted surface. The program requires long-term commitment to highly repetitive practice in order to build effective skills.

Tiny Tigers Advanced Karate

Pre-beginner karate preparation and self defense for 5-6 year olds. Program combines games and age-appropriate karate instruction, while fostering self-discipline, listening skills, and respect for others.