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For over 127 years, the YMCA of Greater Rochester has been building friendships that last a lifetime through overnight camping. For more than 100 of those overnight camping seasons, YMCA Camp Cory has been building foundations in youth development on the shores of Keuka Lake. 

 “I didn’t know a place like this still exists!”

Situated right on the shores of Keuka Lake, Camp Cory offers families a variety of different activities and experiences that they can’t get anywhere else. Camp Cory gives your children the opportunity to meet new kinds of people in a safe environment, free of the judgments and expectations of the outside world. In a community free of electronics like cell phones, campers are focused on interacting with one another in a natural setting. Our staff of committed counselors are dedicated to making sure that your child has the time of their lives, focusing on the areas of achievement, independence, friendship, and belonging.


Our Commitment to Safety

We are dedicated to make sure that your child is safe and happy during their time at Camp Cory. We ensure that your child is safe through our team of highly qualified nurses and dedicated counselors. Their commitment towards your child’s well being will ensure that they have the time of their lives in a safe, secure setting.

Camp Cory Nurses

Camp Cory is proud to have a number of nurses with multiple years of experience at our camp. Each nurse has extensive training, strong backgrounds in nursing, and certifications are kept up-to-date. A Camp Cory nurse is present whenever sessions are in progress. In case of emergency, Camp is located 2.5 miles from Soldiers and Sailors Hospital in Penn Yan. If you have questions or concerns regarding your camper’s health or Camp Cory medical procedures in general, please call our office.

Camper Information

All medical information is housed on the Parent Dashboard. Parents can easily input all of their child’s information before coming to camp. A complete physical exam is required for all campers within 12 months of the camp session they attend.


Dispensing medications is routine at Camp Cory. Parents meet with our nurse on check-in day to convey all of their child’s medical needs. During the week, nurses track and log medication dispensation and ensure that your child is in good health. All medications must be checked in with our nurse upon arrival and are returned to parents on check-out days. If you have questions or concerns regarding our medication dispensing schedule, please call our office.

Staff Training

All Camp Cory staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid and basic first aid kits are found at most major activity areas and in each Village Head’s cabin. Approximately half of our camp staff are also certified Lifeguards and all activity area leaders are well trained and/or hold certification in their respective area.