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Welcome to CAMP CORY!

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As 2022 Camp planning continues, your child's safety is our #1 priority. We remain committed to building the safest and best possible experience with guidance from both regional and national experts.

Camp Cory Day Camp


The focus on camp activities, group games, and challenges gives campers the chance to achieve and be recognized for their accomplishments in a place where it’s okay to fail... as long as you try again!

About Camp Cory


Camp Cory, a branch of the YMCA of Greater Rochester, has been serving families for more than 90 years. Situated right on the shores of Keuka Lake, camp offers families a variety of different activities and experiences that they can’t get anywhere else.

For information on assistance, please contact us at 585-325-2889

Benefits of Sending Your Child to Camp Cory

Camp Cory gives your child the opportunity to meet new kinds of people in a safe environment, free of the judgments and expectations of the outside world. In a community free of electronics like cell phones, campers are focused on interacting with one another in a natural setting. Our staff of committed counselors are dedicated to making sure that your child has the time of their lives, focusing on the areas of achievement, independence, friendship, and belonging.

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At Camp I Can. Camp Cory’s activity areas emphasize campers achieving goals through age appropriate standards specific to each area.

“[She] is incredibly proud of what she learns at camp. Her Sunshine Award sits proudly in our home and she beams when I talk about it, not because of something she did, but because the staff recognized WHO SHE IS” – Camper Parent ’16


At Camp I am Me. Camp encourages children to be independent by choosing their own electives and making their own daily decisions.

“Through meeting new friends, living in a strong community environment, and taking responsibility for chores and actions, my children build enormous independence.” – Camper Parent ’15


At Camp I Care. Camp encourages lifelong friendships with diverse groups of children that campers wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to meet.

“My daughter can walk into a cabin full of strangers and leave a week later with a great group of friends.” – Camper Parent ’15


At Camp I am Home. Camp’s community focus makes campers part of something bigger than themselves.

“My son feels that he belongs to camp, belongs in camp; he returns to us happier, relaxed, and more confident.”    – Camper Parent ’15

Family and Adult Programming


Whatever your reason for needing time away, Camp Cory’s Family Retreats are the best way to spend time with your family on beautiful Keuka Lake. 

Staff and Careers


Camp Cory boasts a group of extremely dedicated full-time and seasonal staff. Many of our staff members attended camp as campers and we are thrilled that over 70% of our staff return each summer. 

Women's Wellness Camp Cory


Camp Cory’s Women’s Wellness weekend is open to anyone age 15+ who identifies as female or non-binary. It is the perfect time to kick back and enjoy some time for you.

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