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We are looking forward to once again serving your family this summer at YMCA Camp Cory. Please contact us at 585-325-2889 or for any assistance.

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First Time Overnight Camper Information

New to Overnight Camp? We've got all the resources you need to prepare for your kiddos first summer away!

About Camp Cory

Learn a little history and what goes into ensuring Camp Cory is safe and fun for your campers. 


Cabin Life


Each cabin is staffed with two Counselors who live in the cabin with their campers. It is the primary responsibility of these counselors to ensure the well-being of your child. A number of age-related cabins form a village, led by an experienced Village Head. Counselors and Village Heads work with your camper, providing encouragement while helping them grow socially, emotionally, and physically each day.  Campers in Traditional Camp live in Keuka, Craig, Wells, or Walmsley Village.

Camper Placement

Campers are placed in cabins with other children, generally within one year of age/grade of each other. Villages are based on age ranges and may fluctuate week to week depending on the age makeup of that session’s campers. No one is guaranteed a village based on their age or grade. While we encourage families to allow their children to make new friends at camp, we will honor up to two mutual cabinmate requests within one year age or grade difference.

Camp Cory’s Cabins are gender specific, which means:

  • Girl+ Cabins are a space for girls, trans and non-binary campers who feel most comfortable living with girls
  • Boy+ Cabins are a space for boys, trans and non-binary campers who feel most comfortable living with boys

For any questions regarding our cabin placement or inclusion policies, please reach out to our Camp Director, Blake, at


Camp Cory takes very seriously the responsibility of providing all campers a healthy camping experience. We maintain a well-equipped Infirmary with qualified medical personnel on-site 24 hours a day. All medications are checked in at the Health Center and distributed as indicated on medical forms. In addition, our Counselors hold current First Aid and CPR certifications and are thoroughly trained to properly handle emergency situations.


Program Areas

High Ropes

Campers will rotate through stations including climbing, zip lining, knot tying, and practice on the Traverse Wall to learn climbing skills, support their teammates and feel a sense of personal accomplishment. Senior Village campers may also sign up for Advanced High Ropes where they'll utilize our high ropes course - another rope element.

Low Ropes

Camp Cory's Low Ropes Course consists of several ground level initiatives used in a teambuilding setting that fosters trust, communication, and cooperation. Riddles, puzzles, and camaraderie is also common in Low Ropes Classes.

Outdoor Activities

Join us in ODA to sharpen your survival skills! Learn all about wilderness, build fires, tie knots, play games, and much more!

Outdoor Cooking

Two of the basic needs of survival are fire and food. This class will teach campers to build an effective fire to cook basic meals in a safe and fun setting. Campers will be totally in charge of meal preparation, fire tending, and clean up for which the reward is an excellent meal. Campers will also have the opportunity to interact with our organic garden. 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Campers will have the chance to gain confidence in their paddling and balance skills while enjoying the beautiful water. Campers in this class often paddle down the shoreline, walk along a line of boards, or battle sea monsters from their boards!


Cory's proudest tradition, sailing on Keuka Lake is a real treat for any camper. They'll learn to skipper, to identify parts of the boat, and sailing terms and techniques from a seasoned staff member in the boat. Campers may take put American 14s or 18s. Cam also offers a Sailing Camp option for two-week sessions throughout the summer.

STEM Class

STEM Class will allow campers to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) principles and put them into practice! Homemade Ice Cream, Rocket Building, and of course using the potato cannon are some of the cool things you'll get to do. 

Target Sports

With a focus on safety and skill building, our trained staff will instruct our oldest campers in the proper use of recurve bows and atlatls. Campers will focus on range safety, learning the shot process, and aiming with both of the different disciplines.

Arts and Crafts/Ceramics

Focus on creativity and quiet, lowkey fun at Arts and Crafts! We do a variety of projects including drawing, painting, jewelry making, boondoggle, crafts and more. In Ceramics Class (12+ years old) learn the art of sculpting and glaze work.

Aqua Fun

Take a dip into Keuka Lake in Aqua Fun! Campers will cool off and do water activities, both old favorites and new games! Some of the activities you'll get to enjoy are Marco Polo, log rolling, corcling, diaper bobbing and going on the water whoosh.


This class is great for active kids who want to enjoy the outdoors and make new friends. Campers will get to partake in camp classics like Gaga, Larish, World Cup Soccer and Bash Ball. Skills in athleticism, teamwork and sportsmanship will be gained by campers in athletics classes.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Through exploration of paddling techniques, boat buoyancy, and capsizing, campers will gain confidence in boat control and practice valuable team skills. They often play tag games, do kayak walks, and even paddle across the lake! Senior Village Campers may also sign up for an advanced canoeing and kayaking class.


Come shake it off and show us your best dance move in this brand new elective! Campers will learn the basic steps and techniques of various dance styles. They will put their moves to music and even get to perform at the All-Camp Campfire on Friday Nights.


In this elective, campers will build skills in acting, playwriting, and directing while developing confidence and self-worth through expression of their ideas. Often classes will perform skits or short plays on Friday at the All-Camp Campfire. 


While enjoying the perfect view of Keuka Lake, campers will have a chance to bait their own hooks, catch and identify fish, and release them on their own. They'll form lasting bonds with other campers in their class while learning independence through the fishing process. 


In this introduction to Guitar and Ukelele playing, campers interest in music and songwriting will be piqued. They'll develop confidence through a performance on Fridays and appreciation for music through practice and repetition.