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Camp Session Dates, Themes and Rates

Overnight Camp Themes, Rates and Session Dates

Thank you all for a wonderful summer! Camp Themes for the 2024 Camping Season are in the works. Check back as we approach summer for the reveal!

Traditional Overnight Camp: To be announced.

Additional Non-YMCA Member Fee: To be announced.

Holdover Fee: To be announced.

Day Camp Session Dates and Rates

Thank you all for a wonderful summer! Camp Themes for the 2024 Camping Season are in the works. Check back as we approach summer for the reveal!

Day Camp: To be announced.

Sailing Overnight Camp Session Dates and Rates

Thank you all for a wonderful summer! Session Dates for the 2024 Camping Season are in the works. 

Sailing Overnight Camp (2 Week Session): To be announced.

Sailing Overnight Camp (1 Week): To be announced.

Counselor-In-Training Session Dates and Rates

Thank you all for a wonderful summer! Session Dates for the 2024 Camping Season are in the works. 

Counselor in Training (3 Weeks): To be announced.

Camp Packing Lists, Check-In and Check-Out Information

Overnight Check In and Check Out

Sunday Check-In times will be:

  • Craig Village: 3-3:45 pm
  • Wells Village: 3:45-4:30 pm
  • Walmsley, Maijgren and CIT: 4:30-5 pm

If you have children in multiple villages, please arrive at the earliest time.

When you arrive for Sunday check in:

  • At the pavilion
    • You will receive your cabin assignment and relevant camper information such as bunk one and smug mug information.
  • If you have medications
    • Medications should be in their original packaging
    • You will be directed to the dining hall to hand them to the nurse.
    • Please make sure your medical paperwork is complete before your arrival
  • In your village
    • You will hand your campers' luggage to staff
    • Say goodbye to your camper!
    • Bunks will be chosen after all campers arrive for the cabin.

Saturday Check-Out times will be:

  • All Village check outs are from 9-11 am

When you arrive for Saturday check out:

  • You can go directly to your child's cabin
  • If you have medication, please pick them up from the infirmary
  • In your village
    • You can pick your camper up at their cabin. Please be sure to bring a photo ID.
    • If they are staying the following week, their belongings can stay in the cabin.
  • Check the lost and found prior to departure.
Overnight Camp Packing Lists


  • T-Shirts (8)
  • Long-sleeved shirts (3)
  • Shorts (5-6)
  • Pants (2)
  • Sweatshirts (2)
  • Undergarments (10)
  • Socks (9)
  • Pajamas (2)
  • Swimsuits (3)
  • Towels (1 bath, 2 beach)


  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Soap
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Bug spray (optional but recommended)
  • Hair ties, hairbrush, etc.


  • Water bottle
  • Rain jacket
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Prescription Medications (to be checked in with the Camp Nurse)


  • Sneakers
  • Sandals with a back strap
  • Shower shoes

Cabin Gear

  • Sleeping bag/sheets and warm blanket
  • Pillow
  • Personal Items: playing cards, book, friendship bracelet string, etc.

Extra Suggestions

  • White item to tie-dye
  • Battery powered clip on fan
  • Hat

Sailing Camp Extras

  • 3 sets of clothing that can get wet
  • Extra swimsuits
  • Sleeping back for outdoor use

Items That Should Be Left at Home

  • Cell phones
  • Money
  • Things you do not want to get dirty
  • Items of high monetary value (Camp Cory is not responsible for lost or stolen items)
  • Electronics
  • Weapons (real or fake)
  • Pets
  • Illegal substances
  • Gum and snacks with peanuts (please bring a reasonable amount of snacks if any)
Day Camp Check In and Check Out

Drop off consists only of signing your child in and checking in with the staff with any questions or additional information.

Please bring a photo ID to pick-up. Only authorized individuals are allowed to pick up, which includes those listed as parents or emergency contacts on the parent dashboard. You can add, update or remove your emergency contacts and authorized pick ups at anytime by logging into your account, clicking "View Details" and selecting "Update Household Information."

Please bring your photo ID every day. The staff doing check in and check out will rotate.

Please pull in to the front loop of the barn and remain in your car for both check-in and check-out.

  • Check In: A Cory staff member will check your child into our system.
  • Check Out: We will call for your child on the walkie-talkie and check your photo ID before having you sign out.
Day Camp Packing List

Your camper should bring:

  • A backpack
  • A water bottle
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Lunch (unless you purchase the healthy lunch option)
  • Sunscreen and/or hat
  • Sneakers/close-toed shoes
  • Extra pair of clothing
  • Sweatshirt or raincoat (weather pending)

Enrollment Extras

Holdover Weekends

Each week between sessions, Camp Cory offers a way to soak up even more of the summer fun. Campers may stay at camp between weekly sessions to get a more complete camp experience. They’ll get a chance to relax and rejuvenate before the next session begins, as well as participate in some of camp’s most exciting activities, like the zipline, paddle boarding, and archery. Campers may also have the opportunity to take trips off of camp property, relax and enjoy a movie, and get to know new friends.

Holdover: Cost: To be announced.

Offered weekends between each Session


Between sessions, Camp Cory also offers a laundry service. Bags provided by camp are collected Friday, washed over the weekend, and returned Monday. Counselors will help campers remember to bring their bag to a central location on Fridays. Please be sure your camper packs enough to carry them through until their second Monday at camp while their laundry is being done.

Cost: To be announced.

Policies and Communication

Camp Cory has several policies regarding enrollment as well as those regarding your campers’ safety while at camp. Each is detailed below, but if you have any questions, call our office at 585-325-2889.

Parent Dashboard

The Parent Dashboard is the hub of all communications from the Camp Office, including form submission status, upcoming Camp events, enrolling for camp, and updating camper and family information.

Payment Plans

Camp Cory offers four payment plans for families to select based on preference and financial status.

Tuition Paid in Full – Pay in full at the time of enrollment.

Deposit Only Now – Deposit of 10% is paid upon enrollment and the remaining balance is applied to the credit card on file on June 1st. Additional payments may be submitted prior to June 1 through the Parent Dashboard on the Finance tab.

Monthly Invoice (1st or 15th) Deposit of 15% is paid upon enrollment. Payments are made monthly on the 1st or 15th, split evenly until June.

Experience Scholarship- A 10% deposit paid upon enrollment and forms and supporting documents are submitted via the Parent Dashboard. Experience Scholarship determinations take 2-3 weeks and final payments are scheduled once the determination has been accepted.

Member Fees

Camp Cory is a branch of the YMCA of Greater Rochester. If your child is not a YMCA branch member, there is an annual fee of $105 per camper (waived for Day Campers). This fee does not entitle a camper to YMCA membership privileges.

Session Changes

Families may change a session, free of charge before April 30. After this date, there will be a $20 processing fee. To do so, send an email identifying your camper, their current session/program, and the change that needs to be made. Per availability, camp will make updates and forward new confirmation letters.

Adding a session:

  • Sessions may be added through the Parent Dashboard after your enrollment has been processed by entering a passcode on the Enrollment Options page. Passcodes are ‘Add Traditional’ or ‘Add Sailing’.
  • Families may also add a session by emailing their request (including session and camper name) to
Cancellation Policy

All cancellations are to be made in writing or by email. Prior to June 1, the deposit (15% of full tuition amount) is non-refundable. There are no refunds for cancellations after June 1. If a camper leaves camp before the end of the session by choice, homesickness, or disciplinary actions there will be no refund.

Communication at Camp

We encourage parents to write to their campers! We encourage campers to do the same, but don’t require them to do so. Not receiving written communication from them probably means they’re having a great time!

Please note: The primary contacts on your Camp Brain account will be contacted in the event of an emergency, either serious incident or illness and minor injuries. If they cannot be contacted, we will reach out to listed emergency contacts.

Postal Mail
Camper name – Cabin #
Camp Cory
140 East Lake Road Route 54
Penn Yan, NY 14527

Email is a service that, for a fee, provides one-way OR two-way emails to your camper. You will need a username, password, and security code available through the camp office.

Camp has limited phone lines. We ask that you call for business or emergencies only. Please contact Pat Foster with questions related to your camper’s experience. Please note that your child will not be able to call home. We have found that this exacerbates homesickness and disrupts the camp experience. We will call you if there is anything, however minor, we feel that you should know.

Visitor Policy

Camp Cory welcomes camper and staff visitors on opening and closing days of each session. Visiting camp while we are in session requires special arrangements and all visitors must stop at the office upon arrival to check in and receive a visitor badge.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not permitted at camp as they are disruptive to camp life and detract from the entire cabin’s camp experience. If a camper brings a cell phone with them to camp, the phone will be labeled and placed in the camp safe until the end of the session. Parents are required to be at the office with their camper when they pick up their cell phone.

Goals and Outcomes

Quality youth development programming isn’t just the proper ratio of teachers to youth or a clean classroom; it is a commitment to meeting the social, emotional, and developmental needs of youth. Moreover, it’s staff who are dedicated to providing high quality services for all youth.

Our goals are as follows:

  • To welcome all youth and provide high-quality services regardless of socio/economic background.
  • To support the growth and development of all youth, focusing on:
    • Social and emotional skills. Self-awareness, confidence, and feelings of self-worth.
    • Interpersonal relationships.
    • Academic achievement.
    • Physical skills.
    • Health and nutrition.
    • To deliver programs in a positive YMCA environment of enrichment, safety, and support, focusing on:
      • Broadening the community, national, and world understanding of youth and parents including experiences that foster exposure to ethnic and cultural diversity.
      • Conducting the program in accordance with core YMCA operating principles and philosophy.
      • Implementing and delivering Character Development programs.
      • Eradicating the Achievement Gap.
      • Ensuring safety for all.

The single most important factor in attaining these goals is the commitment of the staff and their dedication to providing high quality programs.