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The YMCA of Greater Rochester's Advancing Equity Statement

At the Y, we are proudly "for all." But what does "for all" mean if some of us are prevented from accessing the opportunities we need to thrive?

Equity Graphic

Equal opportunity is no longer enough. To remain relevant to the people we serve and help our communities become stronger, safer, and more cohesive, we need to lead with equity. It is for this reason that we are committed to becoming an Antiracist, Multicultural Organization (AMO) where we actively work to oppose racism and racist behaviors and systems by reflecting the contributions and interests in all aspects; including but not limited to mission, operations, services and representation. Through inclusive participation, we address historically racist policies to eliminate barriers and oppression and engage in social advocacy. Our approach focuses on changing internal and external systems, to ensure we are creating lasting change. 

The Y has been on a journey to change lives and transform communities for over 176 years, but despite our best intentions, our track record is far from perfect. At many points in our history, we too have contributed to the inequities that have held certain groups back. We too have been complicit in perpetuating systemic racism through our policies, practices and procedures.

We are determined to do better. Our Advancing Equity Strategy is a long-term pathway to help being to life our new "for all" commitment: equity for all.

Intended Outcomes for our Equity Work



For Individuals

We empower people across all dimensions of diversity to reach their full potential.


For Families

We serve the whole family - from newborns to seniors - and help them stay connected and thriving.


For Communities

We mobilize resources to serve our communities' most pressing needs. 


For the World

We partner with Ys in 120 countries around the world to advance social progress on a global scale.