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The YMCA of Greater Rochester’s new five-year strategic plan — “Uniting for a Better Us” — will be a powerful tool to assist us in our decision making as we prioritize ways to best grow and measure our impact in the urban, suburban, and rural communities we serve. During the next five years, 2024-2028, this roadmap will help guide us as we:

  • Deepen COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS by expanding our reach and deeper collaborations in purposeful partnerships that will serve more people with intentionality.
  • Further enhance the YMCA EXPERIENCE by providing better opportunities to engage and belong from cradle to career with a focus on innovative, quality programs centered around accessibility and deeper impact.
  • Grow and develop OUR PEOPLE by being a leader in workplace culture and development of staff and board with an emphasis on KPIs, great governance structure, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
  • Determine OUR FUTURE by further enhancing our mission in community by continuing to be fiscally responsible and innovative in our pursuit of better service to all.

Our highly dedicated and capable staff team and volunteers are committed to doing the work that matters in serving the community and helping to bring positive change. We are excited about our new strategic plan and the role the Y can play in strengthening the foundations of our community.



Ernest Lamour has strong feelings about the importance of YMCAs and the impact they have in the communities they serve. "I believe there should be a great Y in every community," Lamour said. That belief is also a driving force for Lamour, the President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Rochester, and for the organization, which just unveiled its five-year strategic plan.


“I care about community,” [Lamour] said. “I care about what happens in the communities that we live and work in, and play. And there's opportunities for the Y to show up each and every day and make an impact. And so, my vision, my goal is for us to continue to do that in a meaningful way."