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In addition to the trainings you will attend during staff week, Camp Cory offers several trainings free of charge during pre-season. Several of these trainings provide you with official certifications and/or the ability to earn bonuses on top of your weekly salary.

  • If you do not have your CPR/First Aid for the Professional Rescuer and cannot attend any of the Camp Cory provided trainings, you need to get the training on your own at your own cost. If you need help finding a course in the Rochester area, contact Blake Van Horn at The same thing goes for Lifeguard training only this is not a required course.
  • Camp provides housing and meals during training time at no cost.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, trainings will be located at YMCA Camp Cory and start at 9 am.

High Ropes Training

This training allows individuals to work in High Ropes and is highly encouraged for all staff. All individuals who sign up for the supervisor training in May need to have previous ropes experience and be at least 18 years of age.

CPR/First Aid Training

This certification is mandatory for all staff. If you are signing up for the lifeguard training at Camp Cory, you do not need to sign up for CPR/First Aid as well. It is included in the lifeguard certification.

Lifeguard Training

All classes include CPR/First Aid and the Waterfront Lifeguard module. You should not sign up for the Recert class unless you have a current LG certification.

Specialist Training

All specialists need to attend this training.

Training Registration
Must have previous belay experience and be over the age of 18.
Includes CPR/First Aid Recertification
Includes CPR/First Aid Recertification
Required for all specialists
Includes CPR/First Aid Recertification
Includes CPR/First Aid Recertification
Space Limited: 10 Staff Max
If you are registering for a High Ropes training, please answer this question.