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In communities across the nation, the Y is a leading voice on health and well-being. Over past 15 years, the Y has driven innovation in prevention and control of chronic disease to save lives and reduce healthcare spending. With support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Y delivers tangible results in evidence-based chronic disease prevention and control. Across the country, Ys are increasing opportunities and policies promoting physical activity, improving access to healthy affordable foods and advancing environmental change that makes the healthier choice the easy choice.


LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is designed for adult cancer survivors who have recently become de-conditioned or chronically fatigued from their treatment or disease. The small group, physical activity program utilizes a private, non-intimidating circuit style that helps participants build strength, increase flexibility and endurance and ultimately improve quality of life. Additional goals include reducing the side effects of treatment, preventing unwanted weight changes and improving energy levels and self-esteem.


A final goal of the program is to assist participants in developing their own physical fitness program so they can continue to practice a healthy lifestyle, not only as part of their recovery, but as a way of life. In addition to the physical benefits, the program provides participants a supportive environment and a feeling of community with their fellow survivors, YMCA staff and members.

The program consists of one 12-week session, where participants work with Y staff twice a week, and is provided without cost to participants.* YMCA fitness instructors work with each participant to fit the program to their individual needs. The instructors are trained in the elements of cancer, post rehab exercise and supportive cancer care. The program is conducted outside of medical facilities to emphasize that LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is about health, not disease.

Free for Members and Non-Members.

Contact host branches for more information:

Bay View Family YMCA Eastside Family YMCA Northwest Family YMCA

 Sands Family YMCA Schottland Family YMCA Westside Family YMCA


The YMCA Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program helps adults with hypertension achieve the goal of lowering and managing their blood pressure through increased awareness of triggers that elevate it.

In this 4-month-evidence-based program participants will:

  • Attend at least two 10-minute personalized consultations per month with our trained Healthy Heart Ambassador
  • Learn measuring techniques and record blood pressure at home to share during consultations
  • Attend monthly nutrition education seminars to develop healthier eating habits


  • At least 18 years old
  • Diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • Have not experienced a recent cardiac event
  • Do not have atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmias
  • Not at risk for lymphedema
  • YMCA membership is not required




The Y’s Weight Loss Program is designed to help people seeking a healthier weight achieve their goals by making small, modest changes to their daily behaviors, and forming sustainable healthy habits.

Participants joining the program should be ready to commit to daily food and physical activity tracking as well as developing self-designed weekly action plans that incorporate what is learned during each session. This program helps participants build skills for successful lifestyle changes as opposed to advocating any specific or restrictive short term solution.



This is a 12-week program that meets once per week. Each weekly session is one hour.

Each week participants will weigh in, be introduced to a new topic relevant to weight loss, discuss as group successes/challenges/suggestions around the weekly topic, and develop goals for the upcoming week. Topics covered during the program include: balanced eating, physical activity, stress and sleep, positive psychology, goal setting and sustainability.

This program will introduce participants to behaviors that have been shown to lead to sustained weight loss and invite participants to develop personalized plans to incorporate those behaviors into their personal lifestyle.

Weekly weigh ins will happen in a private location with only the participant and program facilitator present. Once collected, this information is used only in aggregate form to help assess the program’s quality.


This program is designed for adults 18 years and older who desire a healthier weight. It is not intended for individuals with specialized needs due to chronic disease or the onset of chronic disease.

Because weight loss is unique to each person, this program focuses on helping individuals identify ways to make small, modest changes to their behavior within the context of their own life and in support of their weight loss goals. The tools provided during this program, along with the knowledge and support of the group, are used by participants to develop their own balanced eating and physical activity plans that work for them. Prescribed meal or exercise plans are not provided in this program.