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Please note: Insufficient or missing supporting documentation will not be used.

Before Submitting:

Review the guidelines to be certain your submission meets all specified requirements. Ambiguous information will not be accepted, and your application will remain pending until all information can been verified (for up to 60 days from original submission date).

  • Proof of total household income must account for all household members from any source, even if they will not be included on the membership you are applying for.
  • An application will not be processed if only the front page of a SNAP or HEAP letter is submitted. The application will remain pending until both front and back pages are received and are clearly legible.
  • Anyone listed on an application as a household member who is not included in the household’s SNAP and/or HEAP letters is subject to ineligibility.
  • Special circumstances are unforeseen and unique conditions that significantly impact a families financial situation beyond their control and must be documented. Extenuating circumstances can include, but are not limited to:
    • An unexpected job loss or significant financial change
    • Serious injury, illness, or medical condition preventing employment and/or resulting in substantial medical expenses
    • Losses due to natural disaster or an emergency situation

Upload documentation that applies to each household member and would support all information provided regarding your household financial situation.

Accepted documentation includes:

  • Employment (Most recent 30 days): Paystubs or offer letter with wages. Screenshots of net deposits will not be accepted.
  • Self-employment or business ownership: Annual Tax Return/Profit and Loss Statement/Bank Statements
    Please note: Due to the fluctuating nature of self-employment, sales, or commission-based pay, it can be difficult to accurately estimate current income without comprehensive documentation showing business transactions that include deposits, invoices, statements, etc. where reasonable projections can be made. We reserve the right to determine eligibility until adequate and straightforward documentation demonstrating accurate and total income can be provided.

  • Unemployment: Statement

  • SNAP Benefits: Pages 1-3 required. The front page on its own will not be accepted

  • HEAP Benefits: Pages 1-3 required. The front page on its own will not be accepted

  • Child and/or Spousal Support: Court order with amounts

  • Social Security/SSI: Benefit Approval Letter

  • Public Assistance Income: Notice of Decision/Approval Letter

  • Pension/401k/IRA/Annuities: Statement

  • Disability or Workman's Comp: Approval Statement/Letter

  • 2022 IRS Tax Forms: W-2, Form 1040, Form 1099, Schedule C, etc.

  • Financial Assistance - Agency (Other): Statement by agency on letter

  • Rental Income: Landlord Agreement/Receipts/Bank Statements

  • Student Grants/Stipends: Statement

  • Proof of extenuating circumstance: Medical statements, Insurance claims, Letter from employer

  • Other Financial Support

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