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We understand that military families are under enormous strain. As a member of the Y, you and your family can spend quality time together and enjoy fun activities in a warm, supportive environment. It’s also a place to meet other military families who can relate to your unique situation.

Does the Y offer memberships for people in the military?

Yes. The YMCA of Greater Rochester participates in the Armed Services YMCA Department of Defense Military Outreach Initiative. The Initiative offers memberships for qualified military members and their families.

Who is eligible for a Military Membership?

Service members who are on Title 10 orders are eligible for a Military Membership within the following categories:

  • Active Duty Independent Active Duty (IDP)
  • Unaccompanied Spouse/Family of Active Duty
  • Unaccompanied Spouse/Family of Deployed Guard and Reserves
  • Soldier Recovery Unit/Warrior Care Unit

How do I apply for a Military Membership?

Service members must contact their Military Component Approving Official (MCAO) to receive and submit their application.

How long is the Military Membership good for?

Military Memberships are valid for six months. Service members need to reapply with their MCAO following that time period.

What is the attendance requirement?

To be eligible for membership renewal, the member must visit a minimum of 48 days during the previous six-month period. First-time renewals will use the previous five-month period for a minimum of 40 days use to avoid a gap in service.

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