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Despite rising costs to run our operations, the Y is committed to helping provide healthy spirit, mind, and body for all by providing scholarship assistance to as many as possible. Our Experience Scholarship Program is funded by the generosity of the community. To be the very best stewards of these precious resources, the YMCA takes every measure possible to scholarship funding accurately, ensure that it’s allocated responsibly and ensure that it remains available all year-round. Experience Scholarship rates provided are the very best possible within the programs guidelines. More specifically, the Y will never offer a rate that is not the best possible award for each application.

We appreciate your patience as we work to process applications as efficiently as possible. Thank you!

Applications can be submitted the 1st through the 20th of each month. We want to uphold our commitment to you in processing your completed application within 15 business days. To do this, we accept new applications within this timeframe to allow us to focus on processing completed applications.


Have you applied for an Experience Scholarship within the last 6 months?

If you have applied within the last 6 months and are looking to start or reactivate a scholarship that has already been awarded, please contact Your original application will be re-evaluated and it will be determined if you need to reapply.

A Passport Membership allows you to access any YMCA of Greater Rochester facility. Your chosen location is where you will be able to set up your membership.

Ex: John Smith, 01/01/1970

How do you currently pay for housing?
What are your monthly expenses associated with your transportation, including car payments, insurance, gas, regular maintenance, RTS passes, etc.?
Please check off the employment status(es) below that apply to you and any/all adults in your household.
Does anyone in your household receive assistance through SNAP or HEAP?
Indicate all income sources that apply to each member in your household that makes it possible to pay regular monthly expenses that cannot be paid for using SNAP or HEAP assistance (ie: housing, transportation, phone, internet, etc)
Will your membership be billed to an agency? Ie: Self-Direction or the County?