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2024 Camp Theme Weeks

Camp Thunderbird offers sessions 2 through 9*

Session Theme Description
Session 1: June 24-28 Sidekick Adventures CAMPERS ASSEMBLE! The Superhero’s you love are in trouble and need your help. It's time for you to become the super Sidekick they need. Training begins Monday... See all you future heroes there!
Session 2: July 1-5 Camp Who Done It? The mystery you love to solve again and again is even more intense this summer! Welcome to a wild week of Camp who done it? You’ll have to find out who is responsible for stealing the beloved Camp Trophy. Get the scoop on the updated rooms, tactics, and guests, and start detecting! Was it Plum with the gator in the archery range? Or Colonel mustard with the high ropes in the woods? Narrow down what you know and make your accusation! If you're right about the location, tactics, and suspect, you're the mystery winner!
Session 3: July 8-12 Wild West THERE’S GOLD IN MY BOOT! Howdy Partners and welcome to our old western town! There has been mountains of gold detected here and it’s bringing in a crowd. Make sure to mine all the gold your little Sheriff hands can hold while it lasts. And remember….you’re not the only ones trying to get rich. Protect that gold from the pesky Bandits at all costs!
Session 4: July 15-19 Magic Academy Dear Camper,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into this Session of MAGIC ACADEMY. Campers shall be required to report to the Sorting Flagpole ceremony upon arrival on the date stated. Please ensure that you come to this session ready and willing to learn about positions, mythical creatures, and flying 101. We very much look forward to receiving you as part of the new generation of these magical camps heritage.
Signed, The Headmaster
Session 5: July 22-26 Color Wars Yellow, Red, Green, or Blue! Who will win? Its up to you!
Pick your color on Monday morning, Cheer loud and proud, give the other teams a warning! Earn points playing games and repping your color! But watch out, color creatures are hiding undercover. Gain points or lose them, it’s a mystery! Take a risk with your fate, it’s the only way to see! No team is safe, the win will come down to the’ll have to help each other and see what teamwork can inspire. Without rules and order, this week could be a mess. The YMCA core values are your ticket to success.
Session 6: July 29-August 2 TROLLS Camp Tour! When the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls tries to take over all the Trolls Camp Kingdoms, Queen Poppy and her friends are here to save the day but need your help. Friendship, teamwork, and Rock & Roll...who will prevail in this music battle?!
Session 7: August 5-9 Olympics! The Summer Olympic Games have come to a camp near you! Countries from all over the world will compete for the bronze, silver, and gold medals in all aspects of brawn and brain! Get your team uniform out and tie those laces so maybe YOUR country can take home the GOLD!
Session 8: August 12-16 Under the Sea Under the sea! Under the sea! Camps getting wetter. It will be better. Take it from me! Your grown-ups, they work all day. Out at camp, we play away! This week is hotter, Hop in the water Under the sea!
Session 9: August 19-23 Robot Takeover Hello humans. This is SCR3-9 and I have a message for you. My robot kind have come to Earth’s summer camps and have taken command. We will be making a few changes to how things are computed...umm I mean run. Are you on board with a Robot Takeover?!
Session 10: August 26-30 Camp Rewind 3,2,1...GOODBYE CAMP! That time of the summer is back with Camps Last Hoorah! We will be taking the most exciting themed games from the past 9 weeks to make this the BEST.WEEK.EVER. Go through all the top highlights of Summer 2024 with us and end the summer season the “Y”-ight way.