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Blog content from Mike Avery, Senior Health & Wellness Director

When we wake up in the morning our brain may scream, “get me caffeine!” but instead our body could actually be craving something else – water. All too often the coffee pot is the first stop in the morning, and the only source of fluid in the morning.

Have you ever weighed yourself at night and then again in the morning? If you have, you’ve noticed that you may have lost a pound or two overnight. While sleeping we lose a significant amount of water just through respiration.  This combined with perspiration and multiple trips to the bathroom could add up leaving you mildly dehydrated in the morning – especially if you slacked on drinking water the day prior. One or two glasses of water when you first get up will help get you back up to speed.

Try this combined with stretching or physical activity in the morning and chances are you will find yourself prepared with energy for the day ahead.  Of course, you can always treat yourself to that cup of coffee as well!