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The YMCA of Greater Rochester offers a variety of youth sports programs, including basketball, soccer, football and gymnastics. With a variety options, there is a sport for every kid, at any level, to play.

The Y’s programs teach kids life skills such as being a team player and the importance of participation over winning. Youth sports is a great opportunity for kids meet new friends, try new sports and build upon the basic skills they already have.

  1. We teach more than sports: Sports have a huge impact on society, especially on the youth of today. What we teach at the YMCA goes farther than skill instruction and competitiveness. We teach sportsmanship, social skills, teamwork, and fair play.
  2. We give each participant the option to practice outside the Y: Many of the skills and drills we teach in our sports programs can also be done at home. From practicing your hand-eye coordination by bouncing a ball off the wall, or bettering your free throws in the driveway, there are plenty of at-home options.
  3. We teach to improve: Our goal is to help each player improve each week. Whether it is to change the form of a skill or just introducing the concept of kicking a ball we hope each participant brings home something new they learned each class
  4. Winning isn’t everything: Yes, we can get competitive. Yes, winning can feel better than not winning. Is it okay to lose? Yes, it is! A large part of sportsmanship is losing with grace and is a great way to get better at a sport. Learning the positives of each game, competition or skill challenge is a way to keep our mind focused not on the outcome but ways we can better ourselves and others each time.
  5. We include all: Part of our YMCA culture is inclusion and the acceptance of everyone. This is the same for the sports programs at the Y. We do our best to not let any limitations turn anyone away from our sports programs. We develop our sports to fill a need and bring a positive channel to the community and there is no reason why anyone cannot join due to income, race, gender, ability, etc.
  6. Sports gives an outlet to be successful: We try to offer the best variety of sports we can. The Y firmly believes there is a sport for everyone. You may not be great at football; it does not mean you are not athletic or can be an athlete. You may not be great at kicking a ball which doesn’t mean you cannot try something new and find your own way to become successful in sports. Offering a variety of sports increases the odds for a young person to find something they can ultimately be successful in.

Help your children find their passion at the YMCA of Greater Rochester. Enroll them in youth sports clinics or sports leagues today!